In-District Parent Training & Support

In-District Parent Training & Support provides training and support services to parents of preschool and kindergarten-aged at-risk children or children with special needs who are experiencing difficulties in the home and community settings. The service creates opportunities for parents to gain the necessary skills to feel more competent in effectively caring for their child.

The six-week training sessions are offered in participating school districts within Cuyahoga County. Instruction is led by a trained professional with a background in special education and mental health as well as a parent coach who has engaged in a PEP program with his/her own child. This unique staffing model combines the expertise of a professional with the real-life experience of a parent.

PEP In-District Parent Training and Support service provides parents with

  • Increased knowledge of typical child development;
  • Information on procedures related to education, health and other systems as they relate to their child;
  • Strategies to cope with daily stressors of raising a young child with special needs;
  • Specialized parenting skills to address the child’s unique needs; and
  • A support network within the parent training group.

Parent participants are identified through their school district. The service is funded through United Way of Greater Cleveland.

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