PEP Assist

Services & Competencies


  • Individualized Student Consultation. PEP Assist will observe a student and provide a functional behavior assessment. This assessment is translated into recommendations and incorporated into a behavior intervention plan that includes how positive behavior supports can be developed to maintain the child in the least restrictive environment possible. To support plan implementation, PEP Assist professionals are available to work directly with the teacher, student, and parents.
  • Classroom Consultation. PEP Assist will provide consultation on basic classroom setup, classroom management techniques, behavior management techniques, data collection techniques, and modeling of suggested interventions.
  • Communication Assistance. PEP Assist is able to provide assistance in building bridges between parents and school personnel or between individual staff members, enabling parties to work together to provide effective solutions for students.
  • Staff Training and Resources. PEP Assist can provide resources and materials to help your staff discover innovative solutions for challenging situations. PEP Assist can train staff on special education law and assist with the transition of students returning from out of district placement.
  • Workshops, Trainings and Conferences. PEP Assist consultants and trainers, with wide-ranging expertise in working with troubled students, are available to design workshops and on-site trainings to suit the specific needs of each environment.


  • Expertise. For nearly four decades Positive Education Program (PEP) has been an exemplary leader in providing quality education and mental health services for troubled and troubling children and youth. Both locally and nationally PEP has been recognized for its excellence in programming. Because they are PEP employees, PEP Assist consultants have access to the experience and expertise of various roles and occupations of the over 600 PEP staff members.
  • Experience. All PEP Assist consultants once served as classroom teachers, working directly with special needs children. They are able to speak with frontline experience and provide creative, realistic solutions that show tangible results. Our consultants are compassionate, professional, and always maintain the well-being of the child’s growth as their top priority.
  • Team-Based Approach. PEP Assist is skilled at working with the entire team of adults involved in a child’s life. They provide solutions for the child during the school day and instruction that may be transferred to the home and community.
  • Staff Augmentation. PEP Assist may be brought into districts to augment classroom staff when challenges present themselves. Our consultants are trained professionals, able to insert themselves into any situation and work collaboratively with classroom and administrative staff. PEP Assist consultants may serve as a cost-effective alternative to hiring short- or long-term classroom staff when unforeseen circumstances arise.