Autism Services

In its service to young people with autism, PEP focuses on developing skills that have real life utility for each child. Using positive and proactive strategies, PEP professionals teach young people with autism new ways of relating, communicating, and behaving.

Because each person is unique, PEP’s approach is highly individualized. The child is not expected to fit into the program. Instead, the program is built around the needs of the child. By partnering with parents, school districts, and other significant members of the child’s world, PEP builds on strengths and supports necessary change to promote success in every facet of the child’s life.

Learn more about PEP’s Autism Services

  • While all seven PEP Day Treatment Centers provide services to children with autism, PEP Prentiss Autism Center was designed to specifically meet the needs of this population. PEP Prentiss Autism Center specializes in serving children and youth ages 5-22 with autism spectrum disorder and other complex developmental disabilities, all of whom are experiencing significant impairments in communication.
  • Early Childhood Plus provides consultation, training and support services to enhance the capacities of all caregivers working directly with young children presenting significant social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges, some of whom have a diagnosis along the autism spectrum.
  • PEP Assist, PEP’s consultation and training arm, provides schools and programs with best practices for working with at-risk and special needs children, including those with a diagnosis along the autism spectrum. Services are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each district.