Day Treatment Centers

Positive Education Program’s Day Treatment Centers serve school-age children and youth who have been diagnosed with an emotional disturbance in an integrated educational and mental health environment. These centers serve as both the school and the therapeutic treatment center for these children and youth. PEP's seven day treatment centers are located throughout Northern Ohio and have the ability to serve children with multiple disabilities.

The Re-ED philosophy provides the framework that creates a therapeutic environment where there are expectancies for normal, healthy behavior; where competence is stressed; and where energy is focused on finding and building strengths that promote positive growth.

Behavioral strategies and positive interventions and supports provide the predictability, structure and consistency young people need to succeed. Individual and group meetings, lessons, and activities are used to teach new ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving. Individualized programming builds functional skills and academic competence that promote cognitive and social-emotional growth and development.

Specialized Centers
While all centers work with children and youth with serious emotional, social and behavioral challenges, three centers offer additional specialties:

  • PEP Phoenix specializes in serving children with significant cognitive delays.
  • PEP Prentiss Autism Center specializes in serving children and youth ages 5-22 with autism spectrum disorder and other complex developmental disabilities, all of whom are experiencing significant impairments in communication.
  • PEP Ireland includes a few classrooms that specifically focus on the needs of older teens transitioning to adulthood. Personalized programs are designed with each student to facilitate their high school graduation, preparedness for work and career, community participation, independent living, and lifelong learning.

Accessing Services
The decision to enroll a child in a day treatment center is made by the parent in partnership with the school district. The actual referral is made by the school district.

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