Frequently Asked Questions

I am a graduate student and would like to learn more about your programs. Who should I contact?
Please contact PEP’s Human Resource Assistant, Tracy Kline, at

Our school district is interested in bringing new training initiatives to our teachers to better support their ability to manage challenging students in the classroom. Can PEP help?
Yes! PEP Assist is designed to provide just this kind of support. To learn more, contact Sandra Curran at

I am interested in making a contribution to PEP. Who should I contact?
Thank you for your interest! Please contact Susan Berger at or simply make a donation online.

My child is having difficulty in school and I think that a PEP Day Treatment Center might be the right program for him. What do I need to do to get my child enrolled in a one of PEP’s Day Treatment Centers?
The decision to enroll a child in one of PEP’s Day Treatment Centers is made by the school district in consultation with the family. PEP suggests that you first contact your child’s teacher or principal.

Our young child is difficult to manage, and I think he may need some kind of early intervention service. How do I know what service is right for my child, and if PEP could possibly help provide that service?
PEP offers a continuum of early childhood services. To learn more about these programs, please refer to the Early Childhood section of our website. For each program, appropriate contacts are identified, and these individuals are best able to help you navigate PEP’s early childhood services.