Qualities of Our Staff

PEP staff members are intensively trained and equipped with the skills to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. They are invested in the success of the children and youth and work creatively and diligently to instill in them a sense of hope and a belief in their futures.

At PEP, the commitment to helping a child achieve successful living is shared by all staff. It is an understood and celebrated component of each person’s job description. Every staff member is considered a Teacher-Counselor, a person able to positively impact the life of a child. Our classroom staff, our case managers, our administrators, our office managers, and our clinical staff all aspire to fulfill the ideal of a Teacher-Counselor that Nicholas Hobbs defined over 40 years ago.

 “But most of all, the Teacher-Counselor is a decent adult, educated, well-trained; able to give and receive affection, to live relaxed, and to be firm; a person with private resources for the nourishment and refreshment of his own life; not an itinerant worker but a professional through and through; a person with a sense of the significance of time, of the usefullness of today and the promise of tomorrow; a person of hope, quiet confidence, and joy; one who has committed himself to children and to the proposition that children who are disturbed can be helped by the process of re-education.”
--Nicholas Hobbs, Ph.D.