Free Meals for Day Treatment Center Students

Positive Education Program (PEP) is mailing free shelf-stable meals to students who attend its Day Treatment Centers.

This effort is possible because the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) have provided much flexibility in the administration of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

Frequently Asked Questions


How many meals will we receive?

Your student will receive three packages, each with five meals, for a total of 15 meals. During the week of December 14, your student will receive two packages. During the week of December 21, your student will receive one package. Although we do not anticipate changes to this schedule, please know that PEP reserves the right to change service or quantities at any time, for any purpose, including due to funding or supply shortages.


What do the meals contain?

The meals contain a protein, grain and fruit and/or vegetable. Milk will not be included due to supply shortages. The meals may contain peanut butter if no other source of protein is available. We will make every effort to provide students with known allergies to tree nuts a substitute product, but that cannot be guaranteed. Please read all labeling carefully before providing the items to your child.


What if we don’t want/need the meals?

You may opt-out of the program by emailing our Food Service Administrator, Juanita Villanueva, at or by letting any member of your teaching/treatment team know. If you have additional questions about the program, please email our Food Service Administrator.


What about substitutions?

The meals may contain peanut butter. However, for students who are on file with PEP as having a known peanut allergy, every effort will be made to substitute another protein, such as SunButter. Please read all labeling carefully before providing the meals to your child. Unfortunately, no other substitutions are currently available.


What if we did not receive our lunches?

If you do not receive your first package by December 18, please email Juanita Villanueva at Please know that due to limited quantities, we may not be able to accommodate all lost or misdirected packages.