Why We Do Mindfulness Activities

At PEP we use mindfulness activities to help kids improve their attention, reduce stress and increase their ability to regulate emotions. Mindfulness is an important aspect of our whole child approach to education, which extends beyond traditional academic subjects to areas such as art, music and movement. These activities not only help our kids learn but also allow them to enjoy success and experience joy.

Outdoor Mindfulness Activities

PEP Outdoor Education Manager Mr. Hershman has created several fun activities you can do when you go outside.

Sit a Spot Challenge

Mr. Hershman, or “Mr. H,” takes us to LaDue Reservoir to talk about “sit spots” or places you can go to sit and feel safe and peaceful. He challenges students to find their own sit spots and share them.

Three Feet in the Woods

“Some people think to be in the woods you have to keep going and going,” says Mr. Hershman in this video. This lesson encourages students to slow down and see what they learn from going only three feet into the woods.

Seasonal Changes

“Sometimes in life we get really, really busy and we go straight into summer from winter,” explains Mr. Hershman in this video. As he walks through the woods, he asks students to slow down and points out the many signs of spring around him.

Mindfulness Activities to Help You Calm Down

Feet up calm down

Do you ever feel so mad you think your head might explode? You can do this mindfulness activity just about anywhere to help you calm down.

Yoga with Ms. Barbarino

PEP’s own Ms. Barbarino regularly posts new yoga videos with fun themes for students that can help them practice mindfulness. Visit the Yoga with Ms. Barbarino page to see them all.