Resources for Elementary School Students

During the state’s COVID-19 school closure, there are plenty of online opportunities for elementary school students to continue their academic progress. PEP has reviewed the leading resources and recommends the following websites, which are all standards-based and will help students continue achieving Ohio’s learning standards.

All of these resources are free to use and do not require users to submit email addresses or other personal information.

Scholastic Learn at Home

A learn-at-home experience with cross-curricular daily lessons by grade level for PreK – 6+ kids.

What we like: Both fiction and non-fiction sources are used to explore all of the educational core content areas along with easy hands-on activities and videos

PBS Kids

A K-5 site with educational games and videos, which also includes the opportunity to sign up for a daily activities and tips newsletter for helping kids learn and play at home.

What we like: PBS Kids is easy to navigate and has engaging materials that feature a variety of reading, math, science and social studies activities. Many feature favorite characters from PBS! There’s also a link to watch PBS Kids’ live show feed.

Breakout EDU Fun at Home

A K-5 collection of online games for English language arts, math, science and social studies arranged by grade level. The site also includes a tutorial for parents and teachers.

What we like: Breakout EDU uses a variety of strategic and enjoyable games to engage students in inquiry, team building, and skill development in each of the core educational content areas (English language arts, science, social studies and math).


A K-12 collection of online resources and guided learning activities in science, math and social studies. Photography units are also available. This resource also includes a teacher version and webinars to assist educators.

What we like: Parents and students can drill-down into specific skills getting online instruction and practice. CK-12 uses adaptive practice which means that questions will get harder or easier as the student progresses, tailoring each session to the individual student.


A K-12 digital learning platform with a library of instructional videos for arts, language arts, math, science and social studies.

What we like: Curriki incorporates pop culture and a variety of media to engage students in learning. Curriki pulls free resources from all across the Internet, giving a variety of choices of engagement in new content.

GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home

An online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful and keep on learning.

What we like: At PEP, we use a “whole child” approach to education. This free resource allows families to promote academics as well as the whole child with features like yoga and off-screen home activities.

Mystery Science

A starter kit of science lessons for grades K-5. No account or login is needed.

What we like: Students can work on mini-lessons (15-30 minutes, all digital) or 45-90 minute full lessons that include a hands-on activity, getting students to use movement using easy-to-find household items to explore content.

Yoga with Ms. Barbarino

These yoga videos are created by Ms. Barbarino, a paraprofessional at PEP Phoenix. Come back each week to see her latest lesson.

What we like: Yoga is a wonderful way to help with emotional regulation and we love that this was created by our own staff member. It’s wonderful for kids to see a familiar face.

Magic at Home with Harry Potter

This website banishes boredom with crafts, games, puzzles and fun articles about Harry Potter and the wizarding world.

What we like: Dozens of fun and creative activities tied to a beloved book series – what’s not to love?