PEP Day Treatment Centers

Positive Education Program’s Day Treatment Centers will begin the first quarter of the 20-21 school year remotely, following the guidance of the Board of Health. Please visit PEP’s Remote Learning page for more details if you are a student or caregiver to a student at one of the following DTCs:

  • PEP Eastwood
  • PEP Greenview
  • PEP Hopewell
  • PEP Phoenix
  • PEP Prentiss
  • PEP Willow Creek

PEP Connections

PEP Connections will continue to provide services as it typically does, including supporting families with individualized support plans (ISPs) and assessments but will do so virtually, via videoconference or phone.

Team meetings and ISP group meetings will be conducted by phone.

PEP Assist

PEP Assist will continue to provide services virtually, including, for example:

  • Providing resources to districts,
  • Participating in meetings called by districts via online video conference or teleconference,
  • Completing all paperwork such as plans, weekly summaries and brain maps.

PEP consultants and behavior coaches will reach out to districts to provide resources teachers can share with students.

Students should continue to work on their school packets.

PEP Early Childhood Plus

On March 22, Gov. Dewine issued an order that all daycare centers must operate under a temporary pandemic childcare license. No more than six children are permitted per room.

PEP Early Childhood Plus staff began operating remotely March 16 and continue to provide support to families and centers by phone or video chat.