Grateful Parent Thanks PEP for “Giving Us Our Son Back”

At Positive Education Program, where we serve young people who have experienced complex developmental trauma, the work can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our successes are what sustain us. Recently, PEP received a note from the parent of a child who attended PEP Greenview a few years ago. Knowing that we are able to make this type of difference for a family is why we do the hard work we do. We are so grateful to be a part of this story and so touched that this mom took the time to reach back out and let us know how her son is doing. (Minor edits have been made for brevity and clarity.)

Dear Positive Education Program,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how PEP changed my life. I hate to admit this but my youngest son was totally out of control. He was kicked out of daycare as a toddler and then kicked out of kindergarten once he was school-aged. He would hit other students, hit teachers, flip desks, destroy property, and scream at everyone. He’d threaten to jump out of windows and he’d break things and just wreak havoc. One time he ran away during recess and they had to put the school on lockdown while the principal, my husband and his teachers drove around the neighborhood trying to find him.

They expelled him from kindergarten and sent him to a local re-education school, but when I toured the school I knew that it wasn’t a fit for us. I knew he was a good kid deep down and with the right support he could really thrive. They referred us to PEP Greenview and I was really impressed with the school, their staff and their mission. He got an IEP and had integrated counseling as a part of his curriculum. He also had a mentor who would call me about his progress and take him out to lunch. He met me at work once or twice. He was a very kind man.

My husband and I took PEP classes at our local school district* and between that and Greenview my son made HUGE strides. He transitioned back into traditional public school and eventually private school.

He’s currently in 8th grade. EVERY DAY of my life I’m thankful for PEP and all of the support we received. My son is now gentle, respectful, kind and funny. He has good friends. His teachers adore him. He loves art and music. He’s tidy. He wakes up early to do his chores and goes to bed early so he’s refreshed for the next day. He’s already thinking about college. He writes short stories and songs and makes me cards on Mother’s Day.

There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t feel gratitude for PEP, and now after all these years I just thought you might like to know.

Thank you for giving our son back to us, and giving our lives back to us. Truly, we are so grateful.


*Likely connected to a former grant with PEP Early Childhood Plus and the United Way.