Grimes Discusses Media Coverage of Traumatic Events

Media Coverage of Traumatic Events

On Thursday, Feb. 6, WOIO featured PEP CEO Habeebah Grimes as part of its Black History Month series, 400 Years: The Vestiges of Slavery. In the segment, which examined the link between slavery and trauma, Grimes talked about media coverage of traumatic events.

“We can all be traumatized from seeing so many images of horrible and dangerous conditions, especially for people who look like yourself,” said Grimes.

Absence of Media Coverage Matters, Too

In addition to the trauma that can occur when extremely upsetting events are regularly shown in the media, too little media coverage matters, too. Grimes says the lack of focus and engagement about tragedies in the Black community can leave people feeling like they don’t matter.

“We don’t have a larger uproar and sense of responsibility from the broader community when four young people are found murdered. That would, in a different community, raise such a level of engagement from our elected officials and our national media and other entities that suggest how important you are.”

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