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Intensive Home-Based Treatment Means Hope for a Struggling Family

A Not-So-Typical Pre-Teen Ja’Meir is a bright-eyed sixth grader with a sunny smile and an even sunnier disposition. At 12, his face still looks boyish but there’s something about his grin that hints at a wisdom beyond his years. He is a unique mix of shy and energetic, and it’s hard not to be swept
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Data Confirms Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is an intervention in which each interaction aims to address a clear goal. Maggie Bago has always known that animals have a positive effect on emotional well-being, even before she knew the specifics. She began her time at PEP as an associate teacher counselor and quickly recognized the value of animal relationships on
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Establishing Routines

Routine is a good thing for all of us. You most likely followed a certain routine in order to get ready for work this morning. Routines are especially important for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here are some of the reasons why: Order and Stability Routine creates order in the life of a person
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