PEP Donates Personal Protective Equipment

Community in an Era of Physical Distancing

Communities are important. This is an essential cornerstone of our philosophy at PEP. Yet, as we maintain physical distancing, it can be a struggle to feel part of the communities we love. As we think about community, our hearts are with those on the front lines of this crisis – our health care workers and first responders.

A Plan for Personal Protective Equipment

In mid-March, as concerns grew about decreasing availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals, PEP realized it had a significant quantity of critically-needed items. PEP’s Day Treatment Centers, which closed when the governor closed all schools in Ohio, no longer needed these items. Staff began working on a plan to gather and donate these materials so they could make their way to where they were needed most.

Days later, during the March 28 press briefing, Governor DeWine made an impassioned plea to all citizens requesting essential supplies for healthcare workers. We are proud and grateful that PEP has been able to respond to this need.

The day before, PEP had donated 750 face shields, 1,200 gloves, eight boxes of face masks and 10 PPE kits to MetroHealth Medical Center. “This is a miracle,” the driver told us when he came to pick up the supplies.

Community Beyond the Walls of PEP

“At PEP, we are very familiar with making miracles in the midst of harsh realities” wrote Habeebah Grimes in an email to all staff. “I am so proud and grateful we have been able to demonstrate the importance of community beyond the walls of our PEP community, so that those on the front lines of this crisis can have the resources they so desperately need.”