Whole Child Learning

PEP embraces a whole child approach to education.  That’s why in addition to traditional academic subjects we regularly use music, art, and movement activities to teach critical life skills to our kids. These activities not only help our kids learn but also allow them to enjoy success and experience joy. Explore some of the whole child activities developed just for PEP Phoenix students.

Students also have a full curriculum of whole child activities within their Seesaw remote learning portal.

Ms. Oakar’s Art Challenge

Art teacher Ms. Oakar instructs her students to do something creative each week with her 2020 Art Challenge. She provides examples and offers guidance and instructions for each week’s challenges, which include:

  1. Draw Something
  2. Write a Poem
  3. Make up a Story
  4. Make up a Song/Rap
  5. Take Some Pictures
Good Body Music

Music teacher Ms. Cramer introduces students to the idea of body positivity through music. She shares a video of “Good Body” by Mona Haydar and uses thought-provoking questions to lead students to think about how the song relates to their own bodies. Questions like, “What does she mean by ‘Everybody a Good Body,'” help students focus on the good things about themselves.

Yoga with Ms. Barbarino

Ms. Barbarino prepares virtual weekly yoga sessions for all PEP kids. For those at PEP Phoenix, this is a continuation of programming they receive when they attend their Day Treatment Center in person. Ms. Barbarino helps students learn to calm their bodies and minds with yoga, an activity she encourages her students to continue to use while at home.

Mindfulness Activities

In addition to art and music, students can also practice mindfulness by visiting PEP’s Mindfulness Activities page.


For more information about these Whole Child Activities at PEP Phoenix contact Ms. Oakar, Ms. Cramer or Ms. Barbarino.