Whole Child Learning

PEP embraces a whole child approach to education.¬† That’s why in addition to traditional academic subjects we regularly use music, art, and movement activities to teach critical life skills to our kids. These activities not only help our kids learn but also allow them to enjoy success and experience joy. Below is an example of some of the PEP Willow Creek activities we’re using to teach these skills. Students have a full curriculum of whole child activities within their Seesaw remote learning portal.

In This Together Project

The students at PEP Willow Creek are encouraged to make artistic signs with supportive messages to the community to display at their homes. Students can use materials from around the house to make a single-page sign to post in the window or single-letter signs that together create words.


Instructions are available here.

Music Activities

Self-care is always important but it is especially important now. PEP Willow Creek music teacher Ms. Carlson speaks to her students in a video about ways music can help them stay regulated and recommends a number of music activities to try. She offers several music activities to encourage kids to tap into their musical side, such as Songs of Comfort and fun music websites to explore.

Mindfulness Activities

In addition to art and music activities above, students can practice mindfulness by visiting PEP’s Mindfulness Activities page.


For more information or questions, contact Ms. Silva, PEP Willow Creek art teacher or Ms. Carlson, PEP Willow Creek music teacher.