Our Story

Dr. Rico Pallotta founded PEP in 1971 as a consulting organization to support the most challenging students in area schools. PEP’s embrace of Re-EDucation as its philosophical anchor was the culmination of a quest for a value system that would outlast the educational and psychological fads of the time.

And it has. With Re-ED as its guide, PEP has since grown in size and scope, with a variety of services – both direct and consultative in nature – for children with severe mental health and behavioral challenges, their families and the professionals who support them.

Over the years, PEP has been recognized repeatedly for excellence in mental health care and special education. Our compassionate approach to working with troubled children and their families is as meaningful today as it was when PEP first opened its doors in 1971.

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Our Philosophy

Strong in body, quick of mind, generous in spirit

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Our People

PEP’s leadership is personally invested in the success of the staff, children and families they serve.

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