To start the referral process contact PEP’s Intake Line at 216-361-2441.

Who Is Eligible for IHBT?

  • Young people with serious emotional disturbances ages 3-17.
  • To qualify for services, the young person must first be enrolled in OhioRISE.
  • Eligibility is determined by the Child and Adolescent  Needs and Strengths tool.

What are the Characteristics of Youth Typically Served by IHBT?

  • Experiencing multiple problems results from their mental health issues.
  • Involved in multipole systems (e.g., special education, child protection, juvenile justice) or are at risk of deeper system involvement.
  • At risk of out-of-home placement or are returning from placement

What Does IHBT Look Like?

Experienced IHBT professionals lead whole families in therapy sessions, which occur primarily in the home twice a week for a total of three to six hours. The young person and at least one adult caregiver must be able to participate in these sessions. This is a time-limited service, which lasts for up to six months. IHBT therapists also provide 24/7 crisis support services.

IHBT helps stabilize the household by creating a safe environment for the entire family through ongoing safety assessments and detailed safety plans. Therapy focuses heavily on assisting youth in developing skills to manage troubling behaviors that have
resulted from severe mental health challenges.

At the same time, PEP therapists help family members develop skills that allow them to support the child at home and in the community. PEP builds upon the existing strengths of children and families, allowing them to replace self-defeating beliefs and behaviors with resiliency, knowledge, communication skills and confidence.

Learn more about Intensive Home-Based Treatment. Download the flyer here.

IHBT is an intensive service and requires a significant investment of time – a minimum of twice weekly sessions for a total of three or more hours with both the youth and at least one adult caregiver. To participate in the program, families must be able to make this time commitment.

Session times and days are flexible to accommodate the needs of the family.

Families must have a readiness to make changes that will promote the success of their young person.

To start the referral process, contact the Intake Line at 216-361-2441.