Come Work with Us!

There are numerous employment opportunities at PEP for people who want to make a difference. At PEP, we believe a child should know some joy in each day. Together, we work really hard to make sure it happens. The teamwork and comradery that happen at PEP are special. As we work together and see our kids start to overcome their challenges, it forms a bond between us that is unique. Ask a “PEPper” what they like most about their job and after “making a difference,” you’ll most likely hear, “the people I work with.”


“A lot of the time people think of the CEO…as the person in charge – the boss. My job is to help other people, to support them, not to tell them what to do.”

PEP CEO, Habeebah Grimes

PEP was launched in 1971 with the philosophy of Re-ED at its core. Every day PEP strengthens minds with heart – holding a mirror for children to see their gifts and their value.

Work in a supportive environment with competitive salaries and benefits.

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  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance
  • Retirement plan with employer contributions
  • Generous vacation, medical, holiday and personal leave policies
  • Collaborative environment
  • Part of ChildTrauma Academy network as a Phase 2 certified NMT site
  • Family-centered culture
  • Training and leadership development