Achieving Results

94% of parents of children enrolled report their days are no longer interrupted by requests to remove their child from school.

PEP partners with parents, family members and other adults critical to a child’s success to create consistency between school and home.

Program Details

Because of small class sizes, PEP’s teacher-counselors provide individualized attention and instruction required of students whose challenges prevent them from learning in typical classroom environments. PEP classrooms are led by teams of educators and mental health professionals who weave hands-on academics, therapeutic interventions and social-emotional skill development into cohesive growth plans for each child.

Through evidence-based programming and supports, PEP Day Treatment Centers set the foundation for lasting change that instills hope, optimism and resiliency in children and their families. Rooted in the philosophy that guides PEP is the belief that each child – no matter the situation, struggle or circumstance – should experience some joy in each day.

PEP’s centers are:

  • PEP Chesnutt (Cleveland-East)
  • PEP Hopewell (Cleveland-West)
  • PEP Willow Creek (Grafton)

PEP offers two centers with additional specialties:

  • PEP Phoenix (Parma Heights) specializes in serving children with significant cognitive delays in addition to mental health challenges.
  • PEP Prentiss Autism Center (Fairview Park) specializes in serving children with autism spectrum disorder and other complex developmental disabilities.


Contact Nicole Molnar, sr. director, clinical services, at 216-361-7760 ext. 110 or via email to see if a student in your district may be a good fit.

Please note, referrals are made through school districts. Interested parents or caregivers should contact their school administrator.

“Positive teachers can turn students into positive students. My daughter turned her life around thanks to PEP.”

Cleveland parent of a PEP student


The decision to enroll a child in a Day Treatment Center is made by the parent in partnership with the school district. The actual referral is made by the school district.

Questions about the referral process can be directed to Nicole Molnar, clinical coordinator, via email or 216-361-4400 ext. 110.