How To Set Up and Navigate your Chromebook

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Positive Education Program (PEP) Chromebook Policy


PEP is providing Chromebooks to students for educational use in the classroom and at home during periods of school disruption as determined by PEP. Chromebooks help students engage in interactive lessons and prepare them for an increasingly digital workforce. Students will be assigned their own device (“1:1 program”). The following guidance will help parents, guardians and students better understand how to manage their Chromebook and the responsibilities of use.


The Chromebook is the property of PEP and is subject to inspection at any time. It is “on loan” to the PEP student. Only the PEP student should be using the device.

The student’s possession and use is limited to, and conditioned upon, full and complete compliance with this policy. Students not complying with the terms of this Policy and PEP’s Acceptable Use Agreement, will be declared to be in default and the Chromebook will be repossessed.

PEP staff have the right to collect and/or inspect Chromebooks at any time, including via electronic remote access and to alter, add, delete installed software or hardware. There is no expectation of privacy for content stored on the Chromebook or in cloud services used by the student.

Chromebook Identification

PEP will maintain a log of all Chromebooks, including Chromebook serial number, asset tag code, individual Google account name, student name and/or ID number of the student assigned to the device.

Chromebook Use

Chromebooks must be returned to PEP when a student/district terminates enrollment or immediately upon PEP’s request. Failure to return the property in a timely manner will be considered unlawful appropriation of PEP property.

The intent of the 1:1 program is to allow the student to use the same Chromebook for the duration of their tenure.


Do not attempt to repair the Chromebook or power cord. All repairs must be completed by PEP or an authorized representative. Please email if you believe your Chromebook needs to be repaired. There is no guarantee of a loaner during the repair period due to limited supply.

Repaired Chromebooks will often end up with the original factory image as first received. Students should keep their school data synced to cloud drives so documents and class projects will not be lost. Personal files/data should not be stored on the Chromebook. All data (photos, documents) stored on internal memory that has not been synced will be lost in the factory reset.

Loss or Theft

If your Chromebook is lost or stolen, you should file a police report and email no later than 24 hours after the occurrence/first discovery of the occurrence. There is no guarantee of replacement due to limited supply. Lost or stolen power cords must be reported to

Technical Support

If you require help using your Chromebook, please email A member of PEP’s Information Technology team will respond. Technical support for home printers is not provided. If you need technical support with assignments, please contact your student’s teacher.

Caring for Your Chromebook

  • Don’t eat or drink near your Chromebook.
  • Chromebooks are very sensitive to extreme heat, cold and moisture. Do not leave the device in cars, direct sunlight, outdoors, bathrooms and other places that could be harmful.
  • The screens are extremely sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen. Do not stack books, heavy materials, etc. on top of the Chromebook as it could damage the device. Do not lean on top of the Chromebook. 
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, notebooks). 
  • Chromebooks must remain free of any decorative writing, drawing, stickers, paint, tape, or labels that are not the property of PEP. 
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the screen. Don’t use waters or cleansers of any type.
  • Chromebooks must never be left in an unlocked locker, car or in any unsupervised area. 
  • Charge the Chromebook each night using the supplied power cord.
  • Chromebooks should be shut down or put to sleep (close the lid) when not in use to extend battery life. The expected battery life after a full charge is about 7 hours.
  • Don’t loan the Chromebook to others.

Internet and Printing Access 

Students are permitted to setup access to their home wireless (WiFi) networks on their Chromebooks and may also setup home printing capabilities for their Chromebook. The Chromebook will not support a physical printer connection. Instead, users may print to their home printers using the Google Cloud Print service. See: Technical support for home printers is not available through PEP.

The Chromebooks include Internet filters to block inappropriate websites when connected to any WiFi network. While the filter protects students in most cases, the best filter is adult supervision and students making good choices. The following resource may assist in promoting good conversation between you and your children:

Common Sense Media:

Network Connectivity while at PEP

PEP makes no guarantee that our network will be up and running 100% of the time. In the rare case that the network is down, PEP will not be responsible for lost or missing data.

Software and Data

The students are solely responsible for any apps or extensions on their Chromebook that are not installed by a member PEP. Students are responsible for backing up their data to protect from loss.

Users of school technology have no rights, ownership, or expectations of privacy to any data that is, or was, stored on the Chromebook, school network, or any school-issued applications and are given no guarantees that data will be retained or destroyed.

All Chromebooks are supplied with the latest build of Google Chrome Operating System (OS), and other applications useful in an educational environment. The Chrome OS will automatically install updates when the computer is shut down and restarted. From time to time the school may add software applications. This process will be automatic with virtually no impact on students. Applications that are no longer needed will automatically be removed by the school as well.

Virus protection is unnecessary on the Chromebook due to the unique nature of its design.

Media that violates PEP’s Acceptable Use Policy are prohibited. Students are required to follow all copyright laws around all media including text, images, programs, music, and video. Downloading, sharing, and posting online illegally obtained media is against the Acceptable Use Policy.

 Disclaimer of Liability

PEP is not responsible for any material encountered on a computer network, including the Internet, which may be deemed objectionable to a user (or his/her parents, if a minor); for any inaccurate information disseminated over the network; for any hostile or injurious actions of third parties encountered through a computer network; for any charges incurred by the user of a computer or computer network without prior permission; or for any damage, or loss, incurred by a user, or any subsequent party, by the use of files or software obtained over a computer network. Due to the nature of electronic communications and Ohio public records law, it is also impossible for PEP to guarantee confidentiality of e-mail sent and received over any computer network. PEP shall not warrant the functions of the system to meet any specific requirements the user may have, or that it would be error-free or uninterrupted; nor shall the district be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including damage to personal devices, lost data, information or time sustained in connection with the use, operation or inability to use the system.