Bridging the Digital Divide

At PEP, we are strengthening minds from a distance while holding our kids close with our hearts. During this pandemic, the digital divide is deeply impacting the families we serve, creating unique challenges and requiring significant new investments at a time when PEP’s funding is decreasing. Examples include:

  • Our teaching staff of 120 now require a laptop to support distance learning at a cost of $1,000 each. Total investment is $120,000.
  • Our 500 students need a Chromebook, equipped with software and supported by distance learning platforms. This need comes at a cost of $500 per child. Total investment is $250,000.

Your gift to this special campaign will help us bridge the digital divide impacting our kids. This link will show all the ways we plan to celebrate contributions made to support this effort. Thank you for considering our request. Please help us make sure that our kids aren’t left behind.

Access the sponsorship form here or use the online form below.