Grimes Advocates for Young People through Active Civic Engagement

Grimes Advocates for Young People through Active Civic Engagement

In her role as CEO of Positive Education Program, Habeebah R. Grimes is expected to lead the way for the agency, ensuring its policies and programs always move the needle when it comes to the organization’s mission. But Grimes knows it takes more than just “being the boss” of an agency to make a difference for kids. It takes lending her voice to groups who are pushing for improved conditions and social change. It takes accepting leadership roles that will impact the communities where young people live. Grimes is passionate about civic engagement and eagerly advocates for young people on multiple boards and councils.

“At PEP we have a principle that states, ‘communities are important’ and I know that caring for our youth is the work of the community,” says Grimes. “When you reflect on the challenges that our ancestors faced, you realize we are still facing those same challenges today. It is our children and young people who bear this burden into the future. Doing the work I do at PEP and witnessing the effects of trauma and chronic stress on young people, there is no choice. I feel compelled to speak up for a better future and work alongside others to build that future.”

Grimes’s civic engagement includes task forces, committee appointments and board positions. In addition to these formal appointments and positions, Grimes is also frequently asked to make public appearances at events focused on youth, mental health, trauma and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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