Grimes’ OhioRISE Opinion Piece Featured in

OhioRISE Opinion Piece Featured in

Today, published an OhioRISE opinion piece by PEP Chief Executive Officer, Habeebah R. Grimes. The op-ed, “OhioRISE Means Hope for Ohio’s Most Vulnerable Children,” was written in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and highlights the story of a child served by PEP Connections and the positive impact the program had on her life.

In the article, Grimes explains that OhioRISE, a new program developed by the DeWine administration, mirrors PEP Connections Intensive Care Coordination/High Fidelity Wrap-Around approach, which has been delivering positive outcomes for kids for over 30 years.

“Soon, children across the state will have access to the care they so desperately need,” the article reads. “Experienced care managers will have the flexibility to provide individualized services to address unique family challenges. Systems will better collaborate. More families will stay together. Children will have better long-term outcomes and government will spend less. In other words, OhioRISE will save both human costs and financial costs.”

Read the OhioRISE Opinion piece here.