PEP’s Legacy of Innovation

PEP’s Legacy of Innovation

When our community faces daunting challenges related to our youth, it turns to PEP for answers. Our legacy of innovation has been a proud theme at PEP for 50 years, one that is always focused on supporting young people to overcome and thrive.

When we saw how trauma and adversity were impacting our kids, PEP invested in earning expertise as a leader in trauma-informed care. We built upon our work in proven and groundbreaking approaches and earned agency-wide certification as a trauma-informed organization, now positioned to share our expertise with others.

When far too many youth were landing in residential placements and hospital beds, PEP pioneered a new intensive service that delivered excellent outcomes and succeeded in keeping kids in their communities. Today, using PEP’s experience as a model, Ohio is on the precipice of making this service accessible to all Ohio youth.

When districts began seeing children present with extreme behavior and communication challenges, they turned to us. PEP worked ahead of the curve on autism and was the first in our region to offer formal school-based programming. What started as one pilot classroom is now PEP Prentiss Autism Center, a truly state-of-the-art facility.

When very young children were getting expelled from childcare, PEP developed groundbreaking, highly-effective programming to support teachers and caregivers. This service has boasted a 98% success rate and has been replicated by others.

When the world changed overnight because of the global pandemic, PEP bridged the digital divide, pivoting its systems so that all students would have the hardware, software, and connectivity to help them continue to learn and grow.

What’s the secret sauce? It’s a combination of a whatever-it-takes attitude and the generosity of donors like you. In each of these moments, philanthropy was the difference-maker.

When you choose to make a gift, you fuel this future for young people, allowing PEP to build on their strengths and serve as their refuge in times of need. Thank you for considering investing in PEP in this way.

Stories of PEP’s Innovation

In honor of PEP’s 50th anniversary, we’re sharing stories of innovation. Find them on social media using the hashtag, #PEPat50, or follow the links below.

#PEPat50. A legacy of innovation. A future filled with possibilities.

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