Spectrum News Series Features Multiple PEP Programs

For the last several months, Spectrum News 1 in Ohio has been covering the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, in a series called, “Building Resilient Communities.” The series, which aired across the state, educates the community about trauma, its long-term negative impact on people, and strategies being used to mitigate its effects. Positive Education Program is featured in the last two segments of the series, Clearing Trauma’s Hurdles, which ran Monday, Dec. 13 and Educational Program Helps Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, which ran on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

“Building ACEs Resilience requires building positive experiences for the child suffering trauma,” said Brian Calfano, the reporter producing the story. “It also requires special education opportunities. This is where Positive Education Program, or PEP, in the Cleveland area, shines as an example.”

To produce the segments, Brian Calfano visited PEP several times, interviewing multiple staff members and a family currently working with PEP Connections.  Featured staff include:

  • Habeebah R. Grimes, PEP CEO
  • LaTeasha Lester, PEP Connections
  • Dan Lotz, PEP Connections
  • David Walters, PEP Connections
  • Steven Byrd, PEP Eastwood
  • Christine Roberts, PEP Eastwood
  • Tom Rode, PEP Eastwood
  • Alex Baker, PEP Willow Creek

Watch the PEP’s segments of the Spectrum News series here.