PEP Assist Virtual Trainings

Throughout the 2022 – 2023 school year PEP Assist will be offering virtual trainings on topics that will empower professionals with the skills and strategies needed to support children facing significant learning challenges. These hour-and-a-half sessions provide practical, ready-to-implement tactics that ultimately enable students to thrive.

Training Details

TIME: 2 – 3:30 PM

CEUs: Each session is 1.5 contact hours

COST: $25 per training

Descriptions of each training and registration links are below. You must register separately for each session you plan to attend.


Let us Regulate Our Stress

This session educates participants about Safety Plans, a practical tool from the Sanctuary Model, which can be used by students and staff during times of stress to help regulate their emotions. You will spend time in this session creating your own safety plan and learning how to adopt this practice with your students.

October 11 Registration

October 27 Registration


Behavior Management and Understanding Behavior 101

When you encounter challenging behaviors, there is always something behind them. This session will help you better understand those factors, identify lagging skills, and develop strategies to replace challenging behaviors with new positive behavior tools.

November 1 Registration

November 17 Registration


Understanding the Conflict Cycle

Everyone in your classroom has a story that can explain the factors behind their challenging behaviors. This session will help you understand the conflict cycle and learn how behavior crises can be opportunities for positive change.

January 10 Registration

January 26 Registration



Shared Classroom Leadership

This session will encourage you to discuss different adult classroom roles, how to best meet the classroom community needs together, and how to be true partners for success.

March 7 Registration

March 23 Registration


Disabilities Overview

Come together with other educators to learn about different disabilities and the positive strategies you can adopt to encourage young people with different learning styles.

April 4 Registration

April 27 Registration