Whole Child Learning

PEP embraces a whole child approach to education.  That’s why in addition to traditional academic subjects we regularly use music, art, and movement activities to teach critical life skills to our kids. These activities not only help our kids learn but also allow them to enjoy success and experience joy. Explore some of the whole child activities developed just for PEP Eastwood students.

Students also have a full curriculum of whole child activities within their Seesaw remote learning portal.

Week 1 – 4 Art Activities

Students at PEP Greenview had a number of activities to choose from when they received their first package of remote learning materials. Ms. Devon emphasized using creativity to make art, and encouraged kids to use materials that they already had around the house for their projects. Options for week one projects, which focused on the concept of assemblage, included creating a “found object” color wheel, “found object” portrait or a “laundry painting.”

Ms. Devon also created several videos to guide students in their artwork including a a stop motion movie of her color wheel assemblage project.

Explore Additional PEP Greenview Activities

PEP Greenview art and music staff put together their own Google site to provide a variety whole child learning opportunities for students. The site includes targeted activities for lower/middle and middle/high school, as well as an art gallery of student work. It is available here.

In addition to art and music, students can also practice mindfulness by visiting the PEP Mindfulness Activities page.


For questions or more information about Whole Child Activities at PEP Greenview, contact Ms. Devon or Mr. Ulrich.