NFL Player Visits PEP Greenview for Pre-Employment Transition Program

NFL Player Visits PEP Greenview for Pre-Employment Transition Program

It’s not every day an NFL player visits your school. But in late February, that’s exactly what happened at PEP Greenview when TJ Carrie of the Carolina Panthers came to speak to students about his career. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a few days later, students received a visit from professional basketball player Trey Lewis.

Pre-employment Transition Services

Visits from the sports stars were part of a special program at PEP Greenview this year that is helping students get ready for their next steps after graduation. This year all high school students at PEP Greenview have been receiving pre-employment transition services from Action Community Outreach through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. Throughout the school year, Daz Peterson and Brian Sims from Action Community Outreach have come to PEP Greenview two to four times each week, meeting with small groups of students or individually with students in the role of a mentor. Action Community Outreach provides several services including:

  • Job exploration counseling
  • Counseling on post-secondary opportunities
  • Work-based learning
  • Instruction in self-advocacy
  • Workplace readiness training

Character as a Foundation

During TJ Carrie’s visit, he gave a presentation to all high schoolers at PEP Greenview. He talked about how important it is to call on courage, professionalism, persistence and hard work to achieve your goals.

“I learned TJ Carrie feels good about his work by living a life of service,” said one student.

Another student commented, “TJ Carrie helped me see that your character sustains you more than your talents alone.”

Action Community Outreach, which emphasizes growth mindset and service learning, begins their program with the concept of a “legacy blueprint.” Each student builds their own blueprint, which is like the blueprint for a house. The foundation of the house, which supports the overall structure, represents character for an individual’s legacy blueprint. Once complete, the student’s blueprint is mapped onto a crown. “You can be the king or queen of a good kingdom or a bad kingdom,” Peterson and Sims explain. They encourage the young people to start with strong character and build from there, developing the skills they need to achieve their goals as they progress.

Learn More

To learn more about PEP Greenview’s experience with Action Community Outreach or to learn more about PEP’s other Day Treatment Centers, visit our website. Contact Nicole Molnar, clinical coordinator, at 216-361-7760 ext. 110 or via email to see if a student in your district may be a good fit.

Please note, referrals are made through school districts. Interested parents or caregivers should contact their school administrator.

*Pictured above from left to right: Carlishia Jackson (student), Daz Peterson, TJ Carrie, Carolyn Young (teacher), and Brian Sims.