Equine Program at PEP Willow Creek Featured in Chronicle Telegram

Equine Program at PEP Willow Creek Featured in Chronicle Telegram

On March 18 the Chronicle Telegram, which covers news in Elyria and Lorain County, ran a story entitled, “Teens bond with horses and each other.” The piece highlighted PEP Willow Creek’s involvement with Angels Haven Horse Rescue.

Students from PEP Willow Creek have been helping at the horse rescue for more than 10 years. For Angels Haven, the teens provide much needed help with chores such as grooming or walking horses, unloading equipment or cleaning stalls. For the teens, the experience is an opportunity to gain valuable skills that will help them as they transition to the workforce.

As PEP Willow Creek principal Quentin Putt explains in the article, it’s a chance for learning about service to the community. “But it goes beyond that,” he says. “They learn about teamwork and communication. Another really big piece for our students is to learn to problem solve and work towards a common goal.”

Justino Agosto, a team associate who accompanies the young people each week, said not only are students expected to do some hard work, they also discover positive ways to interact with each other and the horses.

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