PEP Supports “Dear Thirteen” for 47th CIFF

PEP Supports “Dear Thirteen” for 47th CIFF

Positive Education Program is proud to serve as a community partner for the 47th annual Cleveland International Film Festival, supporting the film “Dear Thirteen.” This partnership enables PEP to offer discounted tickets for either in-person showings at Playhouse Square or for streams. The discount applies to PEP’s sponsored film as well as all other films (except those shown on opening night). PEP’s discount code is “PEP.” Information on redeeming your discount tickets can be found here.

47th Cleveland International Film Festival Dates

The 47th Cleveland International Film Festival will take place in Playhouse Square and runs from March 22 through April 1. Streams are available from April 2 through April 9. Tickets go on sale at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 10.

Description and Review of “Dear Thirteen”

The Cleveland International Film Fest landing page for “Dear Thirteen” offers this review and description of the film.

In this multifaceted and nuanced portrait of youth, filmmaker Alexis Neophytides trains her camera on nine 13-year-olds around the world (including a Mexican amateur boxer and a young transgender woman), learning what it takes for this new generation to come of age in a modern world. —M.G.

13: The crossover year. Arguably the most formative age of an adolescent, this pivotal birthday marks the gradual shift from childlike innocence to budding maturity. DEAR THIRTEEN explores the lives of nine 13-year-olds from the far reaches of Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America for a global snapshot of the next generation. Topics including grades, crushes, fitting in, and bullies feel universal. But life’s seemingly grown-up challenges don’t come with age minimums, forcing some to grow up sooner than others. Carrying the weight of gender identity, divorce, racism, and homelessness, each teen faces their own challenges as they long to find their place in the world. Their larger-than-life confidence balanced with timid insecurity is both endearing and relatable—a refreshing reminder of the beautiful complexity of growing up. —A.B.

“Dear Thirteen” Screening Dates and Times

In-person Screening:

  • Saturday, April 1 at 2:15 PM at Mimi Ohio Theater

On Demand Streams:

  • Sunday, April 2 through Sunday, April 9

Watch the trailer and learn more about “Dear Thirteen” here.