Whole Child Learning

PEP embraces a whole child approach to education.  That’s why in addition to traditional academic subjects we regularly use music, art, and movement activities to teach critical life skills to our kids. These activities not only help our kids learn but also allow them to enjoy success and experience joy. Below is an example of just one PEP Hopewell activity we’re using to teach these skills. Students have a full curriculum of whole child activities within their Seesaw remote learning portal.


“We are the Champions” Project

Music teacher Ms. Cramer sings “We are the Champions” to her students in a video. She asks them to think about and submit four things that will help her create a follow-up song specifically for her students.

  1. Something that’s hard to do but you did anyway
  2. Something that you’re proud of
  3. Something you like to do
  4. Something you don’t like to do
The Influence of Light Project

Students at PEP Hopewell are asked to explore the impact of light on objects. Art teacher Mr. Eisenhower explains the way light impacts what we see in a  written narrative. He demonstrates with ordinary objects in a video  and invites students to explore the concepts on their own.

For students who want further exploration on the topic of light, Mr. Eisenhower recommends a blog from artist James Gurney, who takes an in-depth look at the concept.


In addition to art and music, students can practice mindfulness by visiting PEP’s mindfulness activities page.


For more information or questions, contact Mr. Eisenhower, PEP Hopewell art teacher or Ms. Cramer, PEP Hopewell music teacher.