Growing Number of Staff with NMT Certification Sets PEP Apart

Growing Number of Staff with NMT Certification Sets PEP Apart

In January Positive Education Program reached another milestone: a new group of eight staff achieved Phase I certification in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). That brings the total number of clinicians with Phase I NMT certification at PEP to 23. Five of these individuals will soon (or have already) achieve(d) Phase II NMT certification. As the only agency in the region to realize this level of certification, these credentials set PEP apart.

Why it Matters

The Neurosequential Model was founded by Dr. Bruce Perry and is a brain- and neurodevelopmentally-oriented framework that isn’t an intervention, but a way of intervention. The framework goes beyond traditional strategies when dealing with challenging behaviors, focusing on what it calls the three Rs: regulate, relate, and reason. NMT studies the relationship between trauma and specific areas of the brain and works on rebuilding those areas with targeted interventions to help children heal. At PEP, you will see evidence of it everywhere. You can also see the striking difference it makes when working with children who have experienced trauma.

The New Graduates

For 13 months, PEP’s new cohort of eight students put in hours of work each week to complete the NMT certification. In addition to weekly meetings with the cohort, the group was required to complete an extensive reading list, attend more than 30 hours of web-based training and learn to complete various sets of metrics. PEP staff earning the Phase I NMT certification this January include:

  • Susan Frate, Clinical Associate, PEP Eastwood
  • Simone Fuentes-Cook, Care Coordinator Supervisor, PEP Connections
  • Hallie Gustin, Ecological Support Manager, Central Office
  • Krista Leighty, IHBT Care Coordinator, PEP Connections
  • Nicole Mitchell, Behavior Support Specialist, PEP Willow Creek
  • Deanna Sabur, Clinical Supervisor, PEP Greenview
  • Krissy Verlie, Behavior Support Specialist, PEP Hopewell
  • Lauren Woods, Consultant/Trainer, PEP Early Childhood Plus

“I’m grateful to be provided this opportunity for training,” said Deanna Sabur. “It has allowed me to shift my clinical focus when working with students, take into consideration brain functioning, and match interventions more specifically to the student. I’m also able to pass the information on to my colleagues, which amplifies the impact of this training for our kids.”

What’s Next?

PEP’s clinical coordinator Mary Bonamer spearheads the NMT trainings and says she hopes to begin a new cohort of students in the spring in collaboration with Jim Flynn, PEP’s director of Early Childhood Plus.

“In our work it is critical to understand trauma and how it impacts development,” said Bonamer. “Many of the young people we serve are struggling to cope because of their difficult life experiences. The depth of NMT expertise at PEP gives me a lot of hope. It ensures we have the tools and strategies we need to help them begin to heal and begin to thrive.”

To learn more about NMT certification at PEP contact Mary Bonamer at 216-361-7760 ext. 104 or via email.