Students Explore Social Justice through Art

Social Justice Art Projects: INjustice in Their Own Words The narratives from Positive Education Program’s (PEP) social justice art projects will break your heart. I wanted to talk about my neighborhood. Well, even though it’s a bad neighborhood, it’s not as bad as people think when you live there. Everyone treats you like family. There
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Using Social Stories to Teach New Skills

Students who need to learn a new routine or new social skill can benefit from stories about themselves that describe how to use the needed skills appropriately. When these stories are developed within certain parameters, they are known as Social Stories. While initially developed for children with autism, Social Stories are a great tool for
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PEP Connections

Intensive Home-Based Treatment Means Hope for a Struggling Family

A Not-So-Typical Pre-Teen Ja’Meir is a bright-eyed sixth grader with a sunny smile and an even sunnier disposition. At 12, his face still looks boyish but there’s something about his grin that hints at a wisdom beyond his years. He is a unique mix of shy and energetic, and it’s hard not to be swept
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