Students Explore Social Justice through Art

Social Justice Art Projects: INjustice in Their Own Words The narratives from Positive Education Program’s (PEP) social justice art projects will break your heart. I wanted to talk about my neighborhood. Well, even though it’s a bad neighborhood, it’s not as bad as people think when you live there. Everyone treats you like family. There
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PEP Connections

Intensive Home-Based Treatment Means Hope for a Struggling Family

A Not-So-Typical Pre-Teen Ja’Meir is a bright-eyed sixth grader with a sunny smile and an even sunnier disposition. At 12, his face still looks boyish but there’s something about his grin that hints at a wisdom beyond his years. He is a unique mix of shy and energetic, and it’s hard not to be swept
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PEP Day Treatment Centers

PEP Talk with … Aaron Muttillo, Day Treatment Centers Director

When asked to describe the kids PEP serves at its Day Treatment Centers, Aaron Muttillo is quick to use the word “resilient.” He chooses to focus on the positives – not the behaviors or diagnoses that brought them to PEP. “Many of these kids have faced significant adversity by the time they come to one
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Philosophy & Methodology

Promoting Connection Through the Arts and Movement

This is an excerpt from PEP CEO Habeebah R. Grimes’ speech at this year’s PEP Rally for Kids, which captures why the arts and movement are so critical in our work with children who have experienced trauma. One year ago renowned psychiatrist, author and child trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry spoke at our PEP Rally for
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