Using Social Stories to Teach New Skills

Students who need to learn a new routine or new social skill can benefit from stories about themselves that describe how to use the needed skills appropriately. When these stories are developed within certain parameters, they are known as Social Stories. While initially developed for children with autism, Social Stories are a great tool for
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PEP Day Treatment Centers

All Interactions are Teachable Moments

Every interaction – even the most challenging– can be a teachable moment for a child, and it’s our job as educators and caregivers to give young learners the tools they need to manage and communicate their feelings. But first, we need a toolbox of our own. Enter Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive social-emotional learning program developed
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Philosophy & Methodology

Promoting Connection Through the Arts and Movement

This is an excerpt from PEP CEO Habeebah R. Grimes’ speech at this year’s PEP Rally for Kids, which captures why the arts and movement are so critical in our work with children who have experienced trauma. One year ago renowned psychiatrist, author and child trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry spoke at our PEP Rally for
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